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When Enough is Enough April 16, 2010

Posted by Different Earnings Blog in News.

We as Americans enjoy great privilege and often some of us experience unbelievable wealth. It is this good fortune while often blinds many of us to what is the right and wrong thing to do in unexpected situation.

It is this lack insight which led Torry Hansen, an American citizen and adoptive mother of 7-year old Artyom Savelyev in Tennessee to put the small Russian boy back on a plane alone because he was not someone they understood and they believed that like a damaged object brought from a company, they could just send him back alone on a plane without any problems. Wrong! Wrong!

Instead of unconditional love and guidance this child received condemnation and fear from people who should have loved and helped him. Would you have turned your back on an innocent child such as him in need off guidance and love? If you answered yes then you like the couple featured in the news are wrong and probably might end up in jail.

Currently the world is condemning this lady for the completely callous and cold rejection of a small child. When you look at her career you would expect a great capacity for loving and caring for those in need…Not abandonment.


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