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10 Little Things That Lead to A Healthier and Happier You May 1, 2010

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Don’t we all wish that we had something that we could do to make us feel wonderful and balanced. Below are some of the things that I enjoy doing by myself or with family.

1st – Listen to soothing music.

2nd-  Go walking for a few blocks.

3rd- Go to the nearby library and browse through books or newspapers.

4th- Spend time with you kids going to movies, book stores, or the mall.

5th- Call a family member up to chat a while.

6th- Try to eat more fruits and vegetables each day.

7th – Do volunteer work for a organization.

8th – Take me time for yourself.

9th – Don’t stress to much over bills.

10th – Work smarter not harder on your job or at home.

You can check out more healthier  tips at Twittermoms.

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