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This year’s political election is never dull September 26, 2008

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 I believe that this year’s election is never without a dull moment.

If most of you are like me you are literally hanging on your seat for the next scandal or shock from this year’s presidential hopefuls. In fact, these campaigns have a soap-opera quality about them. At times there is a unreality quality to what is discussed on the news coverage or by the candidates themselves. If you feel this way also then post a blog letting me know what your never dull moment might be?


10 Little Things That Lead to A Healthier and Happier You May 1, 2010

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Don’t we all wish that we had something that we could do to make us feel wonderful and balanced. Below are some of the things that I enjoy doing by myself or with family.

1st – Listen to soothing music.

2nd-  Go walking for a few blocks.

3rd- Go to the nearby library and browse through books or newspapers.

4th- Spend time with you kids going to movies, book stores, or the mall.

5th- Call a family member up to chat a while.

6th- Try to eat more fruits and vegetables each day.

7th – Do volunteer work for a organization.

8th – Take me time for yourself.

9th – Don’t stress to much over bills.

10th – Work smarter not harder on your job or at home.

You can check out more healthier  tips at Twittermoms.

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When Enough is Enough April 16, 2010

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We as Americans enjoy great privilege and often some of us experience unbelievable wealth. It is this good fortune while often blinds many of us to what is the right and wrong thing to do in unexpected situation.

It is this lack insight which led Torry Hansen, an American citizen and adoptive mother of 7-year old Artyom Savelyev in Tennessee to put the small Russian boy back on a plane alone because he was not someone they understood and they believed that like a damaged object brought from a company, they could just send him back alone on a plane without any problems. Wrong! Wrong!

Instead of unconditional love and guidance this child received condemnation and fear from people who should have loved and helped him. Would you have turned your back on an innocent child such as him in need off guidance and love? If you answered yes then you like the couple featured in the news are wrong and probably might end up in jail.

Currently the world is condemning this lady for the completely callous and cold rejection of a small child. When you look at her career you would expect a great capacity for loving and caring for those in need…Not abandonment.

Ad.ly offers Tweeters the chance to make Money February 3, 2010

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The online website Ad.ly allows websites to sign-up and get advertisers who will pay you to twitt  or email about their product, site, or topic.  The sign-up is free. 

The company has well-known celebrities/singers featured on homepage as major advertisers.  Ad.ly offer a referral program that gives twitters 12% back from each referral once they sign-up. If it delivers on their featured advertisers it’s a very good deal for sites with many people following them.
Feed back on the Washington Post seem to be positive but with mixed opinions on its effectiveness. 


THE NEW APPLE IPAD January 30, 2010

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Apple is ready to launch its new Apple iPad tablet computer. In a recent report ABC News announced that Apple is ready to release the new iPad at a cost of$499. This versatile computer will be available to the public in 2 months. The computer is ½ inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds. It comes with 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes of flash memory and has a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity built-in the computer. In addition to this the battery lasts 10 hours and can sit on standby for a month without needing a charge.
Ceo Steve Jobs stated that the device would be useful for reading books, playing video games or watching video. He also described it as “so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smart phone.” What could be better than that! A device which you can call on or browse the internet.
This computer is very advanced and is believed to be in direct competition with Amazon Kindle and ebook store. The computer is lighter, cheaper, and has an up-to-date touch screen. It is a truly remarkable device.

Haiti: What will they do?? January 22, 2010

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Haiti was rocked by a earthquake on January 12, 2010 at 9:53 p.m.. The earthquake measured at 7.0. Within minutes a country and society which was already on the brink of collapse became diminished. All that was cherished by these resilient people was lost. Port au Prince and the rest of the country was left in economic and social ruin.

The body count rose from 72,000 people to an estimated 200,000 people believed to be dead. Most of the people are being put in mass graves making it nearly impossible to get an accurate body count. Also, there are still many underneath the ruin of this historic city.

It was estimated that 3 million people in Haiti need food, water, shelter, and medical assistance. With this much destruction, the people of Haiti have gone from quiet order to fear and desperation to survive. Eight days without real food and water have promoted this chaotic struggle to survive and find any means of leaving the ruined city.

In what I consider to be a true miracle, Monley, a 5 year old boy was found eight days after the earthquake hit. The child was reported by CNN to be in good condition but in need of water. Monley’s mother was found dead and the father missing.

Relief organizations are asking donations for the people of Haiti.
Below is a list of organizations to donate to:


We are who we want to be! January 15, 2010

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We are who we want to be.  This is a comment I recently heard from a Psychology professor.  Do any of you believe that we are the people that we unconsciously want to be?

 The professor suggested that one’s behaviors and actions showed society who they were.  Also, the professor believed that everyone was conditioned from birth to be this person. Thus, the individual could be reconditioned over a period of time.  This is really deep for those who would love to be someone else and live a different life. But can a person truly be reconditioned completely as an adult? Maybe or maybe not!  I guess an example of this could be the well-known Pattie Hearst case (this was classic and twisted reconditioning). 

Please state any opinions that you have on this thought.

Paperbackswap.com is a great Book Swap/Forum Website January 11, 2010

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Paperbackswap.com is a terrific book swap website   

For those of you familiar with this website (Paperbackswap.com) it offers a terrific selection of current and past published books. The beauty of this site is that sign-up is free.  You can print shipping information as well as postage right from the site. 

This site also offers live chats as well as allowing you to send messages to other members or become their pals.  They also have a forum where members discuss everything from books to possible job ideas. I have been a member of this website for 2 years and speak from my experience with them.  Their customer service is excellent!

If you are a avid reader this is the site for you.  It really is one of the best book swap websites on the internet.